Devdaha from Dreamland Gold Resort & Hotel is at stone’s throw. It generally takes 10/15 minutes (distance of slightly more than 3 kilometers) to get to this holiest and mystic place from the resort. You can travel to Devdaha on bicycle or by bus and other locally running vehicles also. Prince Siddhartha was born in Lumbini while Queen Mayadevi was on the way towards her maternal hometown Devdaha. Queen Mayadevi breathed her last after a week of Siddhartha’s birth. He was then mothered by the second queen Prajapati Gautami. It is often recalled that in his childhood, the Prince frequented Devdaha time to time. At the young years of his life he demonstrated extraordinary acumen in shooting competition held by his maternal uncle King Suprabuddha of Koliya kingdom.

What you can do?

A beautiful park has been established there which lies in the eastern front gate of Devdaha. The soothing and balmy ambience of the garden welcomes all the visitors of Devdaha. Also in the park are one pagoda a big statue of Lord Buddha (7 feet) and an electro-gold plated statue of Sariputra. The garden is replete with variegated flowers including a ‘Bodhi Brichha’, and it really ornates Devdaha as a symbol of peace.

Other Attractions

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