Manigram, where Dreamland Gold Resort is located, has a brief pleasant history. Manigram literally refers to Shining Village. But before it shone into the current economically buzzing town, it was a huge forest. A large area of land covered with murky forest was rewarded by late Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, King of Nepal (11 June 1920 – 31 January 1972) to late sardar RAM MANI DIKSHIT, who used to work for the former, out of happiness in Manigram. After the arrival of the sardar (leader) to this place, he cleared the dark and menacing forest in association with other country people to establish this fecund and yielding flat colossal land into a shining and exuberant settlement and prolific farming zone. Then huge forest now has been transmogrified into a pleasant settlement precipitating towards development at an incredible pace. The rapid growth of industries, road ways, and educational, communication and religious sectors has proved Manigram an immensely promising land in the immediate days to come.


Dreamland Gold Resort is sandwiched between Lumbini (Lord Buddha’s Birthplace) and Devdaha (his maternal home), two of the most globally renowned and sacred places on earth. These places are the religious legacies not only for a certain number of followers but also for the whole peace loving humanity. The resort is easily accessible from the both. You can travel to the places by any means of transportation- on bicycle, by taxi and by bus. Devdaha is 10/15 minutes drive from here while for Lumbini, it takes 30 minutes. You are taken aback by the landscape replete with the lush green vegetation and prosperous crop field during your drive. Unlike hubbub and worry of traffic jams and other nuisance of the busy cities, your driving, here, remains smooth, speeding and exhilarating washed with purely refreshing gust of breeze. As you pass by the places, the curiously welcoming eyes and innocent smile of the locals would further make you feel a sense of belonging.