Fast Facts

Location: Borders with Tibet in the North and India at the Rest of the Sides

Area: 1,47,181 square kilometres

Population: Approximate 23.2 million

Altitude: 70 meters – 8,848 meters

Capital: Kathmandu

A Good Place for a Holiday? Absolutely Yes!

We heartily welcome you to this beautiful Himalayan kingdom; Nepal. We believe, there is a high chance that you have already been familiar to this name, with associates of any kind. You could have heard about the country as ‘Roof of the World’ or as ‘The Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha’. The first nickname of the two suggests that Mount Everest [[8,848m/29,029ft]; the highest mountain peak ever known to humankind lies in the northern Himalayan belt of the country. The second one describes itself.

Moreover, Nepal is also known to be the 2nd richest country in water resources. It’s the only country in the world with not rather than a rectangular flag. Apart from Mount Everest, there exists 8 of the ten highest mountain peaks in the world. Nepal was once the only Hindu kingdom, still comprising of mostly Hindu people. Also, the country is home to thousands of temples, monasteries, stupas and gumbas where millions of foreign visitors come to visit and offer worship. Officially known as Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, there are actually infinite reasons to stay inside the country at least for one night in lifetime. We are not mentioning all the reasons here and apparently saving your time.