Beside Devdaha, especially if you are an antiquarian, your visit to Bhawanipur remains exotic and can transport you to pristinely idyllic zone of early centuries. People think Bhawanipur, located 1 km south of Barimai/Kanyamai, to be the ancient Devdaha. There is a stone figure of Sun God in this place besides a stone pillar considered to have been established by Emperor Ashoka.
The Ashoka Pillar here at Devdaha is the first epigraphic evidence relating to the life history of Lord Buddha. The stone pillar erected by Ashoka in 249 BC is one of the most noteworthy monuments and an authentic historic document of Devdaha. The inscription engraved by Ashoka is still intact and testifies to the authenticity of the birth place of Lord Buddha’s mother and wife.
King Piyadasi (Ashoka), the beloved of Devas, in the twentieth year of the coronation, himself made a visit to Devdaha and paid his homage. Realizing that the Buddha’s mother was born here, a stone railing was built and a stone pillar was erected. Because the lord’s mother was born here, the Emperor relieved the people of Devdaha village free from some tax and entitled them to the eight part only. Right now this Pillar has not been explored fully yet and is still underground protruding its tip only. It is believed that it can be as big as the pillar of Lumbini.
One more place visit worthy here is Khayar Danda where some bricks of up to 12 kg have been found and many archaeological objects like coins, weapons, big pots and earthen wares, which are thought to be of the period beyond Budhdha, are also found. It is also believed that the whole Royal Palace was  grounded here due to the natural disaster.